“Training camp went well, can’t wait till the next one, good stuff and hard work and helped get me in immense shape for my WBA Title fight”

Lee Haskins,
2011- Current WBA Inter-Continental Bantamweight Title
2008- Current British Super Flyweight Title
2009- 2011 Commonwealth Super Flyweight Title
2006- 2008 Commonwealth Flyweight Title
2004 – 2006 English Flyweight Title

I am 52 with a bad back and thought I was past it, not any more! thanks to Fitter Faster UK my life has completely changed. I would love any one to phone me if they need to know more. Thanks Michael
Glyn Woodcock

“After not being in the gym for four years. The exercises that I have been prescribed are excellent I
also feel a great buzz.”

Pete Hart 63

“Yes went well, very fun (smiley face), Michael is cool!!”

Steph Hilton 16

“I enjoyed working with Michael because he was motivational and got every part of my body
working. He does very functional training and challenges you to try new things and gives you a bit
of a push if you’re feeling lazy. He works out with you too which is good as he has to go through the
pain too!”

Lydia, 23, Health fitness manager (fitness first, cribs)

“The session was good fun. Good workout would definitely do it again! “

Marnia Georgio 19

“From the first session Mike pushed me to my sickness limits and helped me understand boxing
technique. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Daniel Evens 23

“Really really fun and enjoyable sessions. Lots of fun to train with and i always look forward to my
training session”

Becky Whinstance (smiley face) 23

“Really good session, very fun and enthusiastic learnt a lot of boxing moves and techniques in a very
easy way”

Natalie 28

“Great session, Really enjoyable very useful”

Premyslaw Rybick

“Been doing circuits, two a week for four months, thought I was improving until I did a circuit with
Michael, thanks.

John Murphy 40 (farther)

“Great session loved it and had a great coach and I felt it in the morning cheers hope we can do it

Josh Murphy 12 (son)

Love my work out with Michael, he is brutal, just what I need, totally buzzing after, love it, thank

Tracy Chillcott 37 (Mother) x

Enjoy the work out, works me very hard! Going to be worth it. Love the boxing, very good trainer.

Jasmine Hall 19 (Daughter)

“Michael is really encouraging and there is no slacking off, I would highly recommend him”

Dr Niamh Durcan 36

“Pushed me to braking point on the boxing training, but always look forward to more training with

Grant Ardren 27 GTA Plumbing

“Really enjoyed session in a bad way. Recommend it”

Anna Taylor

“Good workout gives you a good all around workout but keeps it interesting by varying the
exercises. Very good”

Lesley Nyogbri (Husband)

“Very good session, gives you a good measure of how fit (or not!) you are. Kept us going all the way
through and gave us lots of encouragement”

Laura Nyogbri (wife)

“Really enjoyed, good session all the time pushed me hard, very varied learnt loads, I’m getting fitter
faster stronger, would recommend”

Will Jones 18

“Been training for a while by myself and losing interest, but Mike brought new exercises and pushed
me hard and I am now enjoying my training again. Thank You”

John Allen 27 Jonathan Allen Carpentary

“Good workout enjoyed the sessions”


“Thanks for the great session”

Dean Hall 19

“Very good workout”

Mike Tarley 29

“Amazing workout, tough and hard but very beneficial. Can feel it already. Ready for the next
session, bring it on!!”

Grace, 24

“Great workout, was pushed right to the edge looking forward to next time.”

J. Small, 19

“Great workout session, really pushing it to reach my goal, great trainer, makes you work for it, next
session more intense.”

Sam, 19

“Really good session. Didn’t know what to expect. I was really glad I didn’t have to use any machines.
My body feels achy, but it’s a good achy feeling! In bed tomorrow!”

Nayma, 23

“Pukka little session! Love the pad work”

Katie 22

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