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GTA Plumbing

GTA Plumbing and Heating Services in Taunton Somerset will be happy to help you whatever your plumbing, heating or drainage needs or problems whether it be installing a new central heating system, fixing a leaking pipe or clearing a blocked drain.

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Travelling Runner UK

Set up in 2011 and based in Cardiff, Travelling Runner UK is an online and mobile running shop. Our aim is to provide the best price possible on all our running shoes, spikes and clothing. As well as our online site, we can be seen retailing at various events throughout the UK.

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Cook Food

We believe eating and cooking are two of life’s great pleasures. If cooking becomes a chore or eating ceases to be pleasurable, then our lives are poorer.

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Media Orb

We have a proven track record in working with a wide range of clients from local start ups to multi nationals. One of the most important things is to build a long term relationship thus ensuring continual success. All of your solutions are easy to use and full training will be given. You can be as involved as you like in your project, because we know your main goal is your business, with this in mind we work with you not against you. Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you can have if done correctly, so let us guide you to an unexpected twist of design.

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Fitness First

Our team of fitness experts take your fitness personally and guarantee they’ll help achieve the results you want.

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Amy Beauty Box

Amy’s Beauty Box is a first class salon experience specialising in full body massage, manicure and pedicure’s, facial’s and many others, operates out of a private studio at fitness first Bristol, cribs causeway.

Telephone: 07738 671350


Complete Sports Injury Clinic

The Complete Sports Injury Clinic is designed to offer members of the public the same high level of injury treatment and rehabilitation usually only afforded to professional sportsmen and women.

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Kakebe Acupuncture

Acupuncture works to help maintain your bodies equilibrium, by using very fine needles at specific points on the body., it regulates the flow of your bodies vital energy. Operating out of fitness first bristol, cribs and david lloyd westbury on trim bristol.

Tel: 07840 265903

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